Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s


Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s

15 South Las Vegas Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants Near One

June 18, 2018Group of Friends Enjoying a Meal in South Las Vegas Restaurant


Las Vegas is a hub of culinary experiences, where world-renowned chefs set up kitchen on the Strip. But, not all great restaurants are nestled in the bright lights and tourist traps. Some of the best restaurants are the ones right by home in South Las Vegas. Families cook decades-old recipes and entrepreneurial cooks serve up innovative menu items in these Las Vegas hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

Residents at One Las Vegas are lucky to live close to many of these hidden gems. Read on to see some of the culinary world’s best kept secrets right near One!

American Food

Delicious burgers at Bachi Burger in Las VegasSource: Bachi Burger

Fish King Grill

1.7 Miles | $$ | 4½★

Fish King Grill is your one-stop-shop for Southern-style seafood. Fresh seafood is grilled, fried, sandwiched in a po- boy, boiled, in a taco… the list goes on! If you’re craving something truly Southern, order the jambalaya or grits and gumbo.


Bachi Burger

1.7 Miles | $$ | 4★

The classic American burger gets a little more than mustard and ketchup at Bachi Burger, where condiments like miso dressing and kimchi beef ramp up the flavor. Try this Asian fusion burger joint off the Strip for a punch of flavor!


Table 34

2.8 Miles | $$ | 4★

Chef Wes Kendrick sources the freshest ingredients to serve his decadent dishes. At Table 34, you can enjoy your favorite dishes like grilled New York steak, or indulge in a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie.

Asian Food

Specialty Sushi Roll from Sawa Sushi Las Vegas

Sawa Sushi
1.7 Miles | $$ | 4½★

Tucked away in a nearby strip mall is Sawa Sushi. Not only is the food mouthwatering, but the artistry is beautiful as well. While there, look out for the buy 2, get 1 free specialty sushi roll deal! With sushi this fresh, you’ll forget you aren’t dining by the sea.


Lucki Thai

3.0 Miles | $$ | 4½★

Lucki Thai is a popular spot for take-out and provides delicious Thai dishes to eager diners 15 minutes after calling in their orders. This spot is great for those who love spice and is the perfect dinner option if you’re planning on a movie night in.


PURE Indian Cuisine

4.4 Miles | $$ | 4½★

Live music, views of Las Vegas, a lounge, and rich curries – PURE has it all. What more could you ask for in an Indian restaurant? Bonus: They deliver up to 5 miles away (perfect for One residents), and you can place your order online!

Coffee Shops

Breakfast Pastries from Joe Maxx Coffee Shop Las VegasSource: IG – Joe Maxx Coffee LV

Joe Maxx Coffee

1.8 Miles | $ | 4½★

Get your morning jolt with espresso drinks, blended iced coffees, and even a spiked lemonade (espresso + lemonade) at Joe Maxx Coffee. Complete your morning with a fresh baked good or build your own Big Joe Maxx Breakfast Sandwich.


Grouchy John’s Coffee

3.0 Miles | $ | 4½★

If you’re into coffee and Star Wars, we know the perfect coffee shop for you. Grouchy John’s is far from their name with their catch phrase “caffeinated happiness”. Have a shot of happiness or a healthy smoothie to start your day.


Magnum Coffee Roastery Café

4.4 Miles | $ | 5★

Magnum sources and roasts sustainable coffee beans and tea leaves. For eco-friendly coffee connoisseurs, this cafe offers drinks that are both great for your body and great for the earth. Try the monthly flavors to sweeten the deal!

Italian Food

Spaghetti dish at Prosecco Fresh Italian Kitchen Las VegasSource: Prosecco Las Vegas

Prosecco Fresh Italian Kitchen

4.2 Miles | $$ | 4½★

Prosecco is a great date spot to grab the perfect al dente pasta, a glass of wine, and tiramisu. Owned and run by an Italian family, the food here won’t disappoint. You can also start your day with brunch – banana Nutella crepe, anyone?


Zest Bistro & Bar

5.1 Miles | $$ | 4½★

Another spot for wonderful Italian dishes and brunch is Zest. This restaurant ventures slightly away from strictly Italian dishes with menu items such as lettuce wraps and loaded nachos. If you’re feeling extra hungry, order the 2lb meatball!


Trattoria Italia

5.1 Miles | $$ | 4½★

Italian flag awnings, checkerboard tablecloths, and a bakery case all point to your classic Italian trattoria. Here, you can find dishes your nonna would serve like baked penne and spaghetti and meatballs. Comfort food at its finest.


Bootlegger Bistro

0.9 Miles | $$ | 4★

Bootlegger is an award-winning Italian restaurant within walking distance of One. Most recently, they were featured on CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, a TV show that highlights some of the best hidden gems throughout the country. The Bourdain family dined on Bootlegger’s classic Italian cuisine, just like locals have been doing since 1955.

Mediterranean Food

Kebab plate at The Great Greek in Las VegasSource: The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

The Great Greek

2.6 Miles | $$ | 4½★

The Great Greek is a fresh, open Mediterranean restaurant that makes even a quick meal feel luxurious. The baklava ice cream is a delicious way to end your meal and they will deliver their delicious concoctions right to your doorstep.


Yanni’s Greek Grill

3.0 Miles | $$ | 4½★

While this Greek takeout restaurant may not look like much, remember that simplicity is key. Classic but flavorful dishes like gyros, shawarma plates, and kebabs are the perfect hearty meal. Don’t forget an order of Yanni’s garlic feta fries!


Shawarma Plus

4.2 Miles | $$ | 4★

Touted as the “BEST” chicken shawarma in Las Vegas, Shawarma Plus is a must-stop for your Mediterranean favorites. This no-frills restaurant will supply you with a satisfying meal complete with garlic sauce and baklava.

Living at the south end of the Strip has many advantages, such as being away from the crowds, being right in the heart of current and future Las Vegas sports, and being able to walk, bike, or quickly drive to some of the best eateries in the city. All of these delicious picks are right outside your One Las Vegas doorstep.

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