Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s


Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s

4 Working From Home Tips & Tricks to Stay Productive

March 2, 2018Woman on her computer, working from home.

Last year, a Gallup survey revealed that 43% of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working from home in 2016. This is a 4% increase from 2012, proving that working remotely is growing in popularity. The traditional workday has been shifting over the years, and having the option to work from home has become a sought-after benefit.


Who Works from Home?

 Working part-time or full-time from home has become increasingly popular for many reasons, including not having to commute and having more flexibility. Careers all across the board, from finance to art to technology, are now offering work-from-home options. Generally, the people who are  most interested in working from home include:

-Parents wanting to spend more time with children and limit daycare costs

-Military spouses who may need to frequently relocate

-Entrepreneurs without an office space

-Employees looking for more flexibility

-Retirees working for supplemental income

-People with disabilities


As nice as working from home is, it takes a little discipline to do it right! Some may find it difficult to stay motivated and productive when not in a traditional office setting and distractions at home can be more daunting than those in the workplace.  But, by following these tips for working remotely, you’re sure to make your home office as effective as ever!


1. Get Ready for the Office

Alarm clock on the nightstand.

Two of the biggest benefits of working from home are being able to sleep in and having “Casual Friday” every day, but don’t relax too much. Setting your alarm and getting dressed for working from home are small steps to keep you focused and productive.

While you may be able to catch some extra “z’s” because you don’t have to commute, try to wake up at the same time every morning and not lounge around for too long. Likewise, staying in your pajamas all day won’t help you focus. While wearing a suit or slacks might be a little too formal, putting on a polished outfit takes you out of “comfy mode” and in to “work mode.”


2. Make a Schedule

Open planner to make scheduling easier.

Just like working in a traditional office setting, building out a to-do list and meeting deadlines will help you be more productive. First, start work at the same time every day and establish a consistent schedule. Next, lay out everything that needs to be done by the end of the day and stick to this deadline, no matter how many distractions may arise. Lastly, hold yourself accountable by creating tangible to-do lists. And when you complete all your tasks, call it a day! Just as it’s important to start work at a defined time, it will help your productivity and wellbeing to end work at the same time every day.


3. Define Your Office

Elegant at-home desk with flower decorations.

Having a dedicated work space is important for staying productive while working remotely. Doing reports in your living room while watching TV, making a presentation in your kitchen while you snack, or checking emails in bed may lead to distraction and a lack of motivation. Instead, define an office space in your home where distractions are kept to a minimum. Keep your desk clean and organized, have proper lighting, and invest in some good headphones to play music and tune out the rest of your house.

If there is no place to comfortably set up a work-only space in your home, choose a new location. A coffee shop, co-op workspace, library, or anywhere with open seating and WiFi can be a wonderful work space to help you stay productive while working at your “home away from home.”


4. Stay Connected

Conference table and additional seating in Connect, the business center at One Las Vegas


It’s easier to constantly communicate with coworkers when working in a traditional office than when working from home, some workers may feel disconnected. To avoid lost communication, stay on multiple platforms and be in contact. Whether it’s through Google Hangouts, a phone call, Skype, or email, have constant and open communication with coworkers to stay in the loop with tasks.

Another thing lacking in a home office is human interaction. Coworkers can’t just walk up to your desk and chat about your weekend or invite you to walk to lunch. To avoid going stir crazy, talk to people throughout the day. Go outside and explore the South Strip, walk to a coffee shop, work in a co-op business center, plan quick lunch dates with friends, or schedule in-person meetings with coworkers.

As the community of people working from home grows, we all learn more tips and tricks to making at-home offices more productive. When living at ONE Las Vegas your home office also includes a two story state of the art fitness center, massage rooms, tennis and pool, and a conference room and co-op working space making work and time for recharging unbelievably convenient. With structure, focus, and a little flexibility, you can enjoy an efficient work-from-home day (or career!) at your home at One Las Vegas.

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