Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s


Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s

6 Ways to Build a Health & Wellness Routine (That Actually Works)

March 7, 2018Person doing yoga pose on top of a hill, in front of the sun.

For many, the beginning of the year brings optimism, reflection, and intentions for a healthier lifestyle. If your 2018 goals include building up both your mental and physical health, a new routine may be the key to your success and set you up for long-lasting wellness. New year, new (healthier) you!

Keep these 6 health and wellness tips and tricks in mind as you develop your plan for wellness success in 2018.


1. Get Specific with Your Plan

Image taken from above of plant, coffee, and planner.

 What are goals without an action plan? Take your aspirations for better sleep, lower stress levels, and higher productivity levels and turn them into tangible goals by writing them down. This free printable 2018 planner from blogger Shining Mom can help you set goals, plan out your weeks, months, and year, and create handy checklists to keep your physical and mental fitness on track. To get started:

-Determine how many times a week you will go to the gym

-Meal prep in advance to stay on track

-Add weekly time for yourself to mentally refresh (may we suggest meditation or a massage?)

-Create daily reminders on your calendar or phone to help take you from “hoping” to “doing”.


2. Invite a Workout Buddy

Two women working out at the gym together.

 Going to the gym or eating healthy is a lot more fun with company! Plus, studies show that having a workout buddy can help you learn new techniques, keep you accountable, and even double your chances for fitness success. Bring a friend to yoga class, train together, and do some partner grocery shopping to reach your health and fitness goals more efficiently. Don’t have a friend that comes to mind? Social sites like Meetup help you find people with similar interests as you (like working out). Or, you could even ask a trainer at your gym if they know someone who might be interested! Their professional opinion can help match you with a like minded new friend.


3. Make Your Regimen Sustainable

Two women at the gym working out through mat routines.

 Looking at your new health and  wellness routine as a lifestyle change instead of a resolution will help make it more sustainable. Instead of building your routine around lofty goals, build a balanced plan. A truly effective wellness routine leaves you feeling refreshed instead of exhausted and satisfied instead of deprived. You know your body better than anyone, so set realistic expectations from the beginning. For example, if you want to get into running but have never stepped foot on a treadmill, try a training program for beginners to go from the couch to a 5k!


4. Find a Workout You Like – And Stick With It

Man climbing up an indoor rock wall.

Developing a fitness regimen should be about discovering the benefits of exercise and workouts you love, not trudging through the ones you don’t. Experiment and try new workouts with Groupon deals, sign up to try a variety of different studios with Class Pass, or get outside and try one of Las Vegas’ many adventures. Once you find one or two you like, stick with those to build consistent workout plans.


5. Reward Yourself

Healthy salad as a post workout meal.

 Another way to make your health and wellness routine sustainable is to reward yourself for milestones. Chose a salad instead of fries. Treat yourself with a couple squares of dark chocolate for dessert! When you hit that PR that you’ve been dreaming of, you deserve a massage. Having these treats to look forward to will add balance and fun to your exercise routine.


6. Make Your Routine Convenient

Man playing basketball outside.

 The more convenient your routine, the fewer excuses you will have. Ways to make being active more convenient may include finding a workout facility in your residence or neighborhood (check out these gyms near One Las Vegas!), creating space in your day for a yoga break, and discovering healthy restaurants right in your backyard. Planning ahead and integrating your wellness routine into the preexisting structure of your day will help you maximize productivity and make the transition to a healthier you as smooth as possible.

The best way to immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle is to live amongst a wellness-centered community.  One Las Vegas features quality fitness and wellness facilities, including massage rooms, a state-of-the-art gym, a lighted tennis court, and a luxurious, cabana-lined pool, all of which make sticking to your new year intentions more realistic. It has never been easier, or more enjoyable, to nourish your body and mind with professionally-instructed workout plans and on-site personal trainers.


Fitting exercise into your daily routine, eating healthier, and setting realistic goals will help you achieve your 2018 health and wellness resolutions. With proper preparation and motivation, 2018 is sure to be the year of a stronger, healthier, more vibrant you!

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