Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s


Luxury 3-bedroom + den condominiums near the Las Vegas Strip from the high $500s

9 Ways to Update Your Condo (Without an Upgraded Paycheck)

August 13 , 2018Trendy loft with focal point above couch

Your living space (and the way you perceive your living space) has a major effect on your psychological well-being. Feeling comfortable in and inspired by your home can make a significant difference in both your personal and professional life. Small but significant condo upgrades can mean the difference between a house and a home.

1 – Invest in a Focal Point

When multiple elements in a room are fighting for attention, it can take quite a few decor pieces to finally achieve balance, which can get expensive. Instead, invest in one single, large focal point, like a canvas art print, so that the rest of the room can remain simple. Add subtle pops of style and color that complement the focal point in the form of pillows, lamps, knick-knacks, and any other accents you can think of.

2 – Hit the Thrift Shops

Visiting your local thrift stores is a great idea when decorating your condo on a budget, especially if you’re in need of furniture. Thrift stores get their inventory from former businesses, estate sales, and donations, so you never really know what you’re going to find. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to pick up a few decor pieces that you think will add to your condo upgrades.

Pro Tip: Ask the thrift shop employees what day of the week they put out new items. That way, you can be the first one to peruse through the goodies.

DIY sweater pillows with different textures Source: Tidbits

3 – Vary the Textures

Add some visual interest to your space by incorporating multiple textures. You can do this by adding a mixture of glass, wood, industrial furniture, fluffy and low pile rugs and cushions, blankets with varying knits and weaves, and diverse  decor items and wall art.

4 – Embrace DIY Home Decor Projects

There are a plethora of DIY project ideas and instructions available online. Peruse Pinterest to find a project that catches your eye and then head down to your local craft store to pick up the tools and supplies. Some favorite DIY projects include pillows, curtains, and wall decor.

Colorful living room with unique paintings

5 – A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

If you’re looking to update the decor items you already own, you would be surprised with what a little paint can do. Make sure to sand down surfaces and, if necessary, apply a base coat before painting. Painting photo frames, pieces of furniture, and other home items can help update your condo decor for just a few dollars.

6 – Invest in an Area Rug

Flooring is one of the most underrated aspects when it comes to condo upgrades. Adding an area rug to your space is an easy and relatively cheap way to elevate style. If your space is on the smaller side, adding a rug can also help to separate different spaces. For example, if you have a combined living and dining room, a rug framing the couch, coffee table, and TV stand can help to distinguish between the two areas. Rugs also present a great opportunity to infuse color into the space, making them beneficial in more ways than one.

Potted plants displayed in a window.

7 – Add Some Greenery

The use of plants in home decor is underrated. Plants infuse life, fresh air, and vivid color into a space which can instantly elevate the style. Try sprinkling small plants and succulents throughout your condo and adding hanging plants to spice up corners. If you have a space you need to fill for a small investment, look for a floor plant with voluminous leaves (this may also present a great opportunity for a DIY planter!).

8 – Use Necklaces as Curtain Ties

Have a few necklaces that you don’t wear much anymore? Repurpose them into curtain ties! This can add instant pizazz to the room and you can always switch out the necklaces for a varied look. Have fun mixing and matching the necklace combinations so you can create the perfect curtain ties to complement your condo decor.

Foyer with modern decor and a wall mirror.

9 – Add Mirrors to Add Space

Incorporating mirrors into your condo decor can help create the illusion of more space and update the style of your apartment to a more modern look. If you have the space, adding a floor mirror can really open up a room.

You don’t have to fork over thousands of dollars to update the look of your condo. Making small changes, if done strategically, can make a world of a difference in the look and feel of your space. With a mix of DIY projects, thrift store visits, and expertly-placed pieces, you can elevate the look of your condo with minimal damage to your wallet.

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